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About the Program

Welcome to the pre-pharmacy program, where you may enjoy all the benefits of a liberal arts experience while fulfilling the prerequisites for entrance into University of Maryland’s pharmacy school.

This dual-degree program requires a minimum of seven years of study. The first three are spent here, where students typically major in biology in order to complete the Washington College portion of the program within three years. You may also choose other majors such as chemistry, or psychology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience, however these majors make it more time-consuming to obtain the prerequisites needed to apply to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Through this program, you earn a bachelor of science degree from Washington College and a doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Maryland. In recent years, Maryland’s School of Pharmacy has increased enrollment to ease a pharmacist shortage.

Washington College Students If you have not been invited to the Pre-health Professions Programs Canvas advising site, please send your email to Ms. Jodi Olson at in order to receive your invitation.

  • Emily Eline (far right) with some of her Habitat for Humanity buddies.

    A powerhouse on the hockey field and in the classroom, Emily Eline ’15 is on her way to pharmacy school at the University of Maryland.

  • Brittany Palasik ’12 is finishing Washington College's 3:4 program by attending the University of Maryland's School of P...

    Graduating from pharmacy school in May, Brittany Palasik ’12 has already been accepted for a residency at West Virginia University.

  • Billy Murphy will attend the University of Maryland's School of Pharmacy in the fall.

    Billy Murphy ’15 is heading for the University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy after three years of study in Chestertown.