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Common Pre-Nursing Prerequisites

In order to prepare yourself to apply for health professions degree in nursing you can major in any discipline as long as you complete the following courses. You should work with the Pre-Nursing Program Advisor or the Director of Pre-health Professions Programs to plan your pre-nursing prerequisite coursework  and to make sure you cover the specific courses required by programs for which you will specifically apply.

  • BIO 111, 112  General Biology (w/lab) 

  • BIO 301, 424  Anatomy and Physiology (w/lab) 

  • BIO 203  Microbiology (w/lab) 

  • CHE 120 Chemical Principles of Organic Molecules (w/lab)

  • MAT 109/PSY 209/ECN 215 Statistics

  • MAT 110 Precalculus Mathematics or MAT 201 Differential Calculus

  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

  • PSY 111 or 112  Introductory Psychology

  • PSY 202  Life-Span Development

  • ENG 101 Literature and Composition

  • Nutrition (must be taken elsewhere) 

Additional  Possible Prerequisite Courses:  Speech and Ethics.

Grades lower than a C are not accepted by Nursing Schools. (C- grades are not accepted)