Modern Languages

WC-Latino Community Volunteer Program

Interested in community volunteering?

Looking for a “real-life” outlet to practice your Spanish language skills?

Curious as to how local organizations work with Hispanic families and individuals?

Join the WC-Latino Community Volunteer Program!


This program provides students studying any level of Spanish with a real world opportunity to use and improve their Spanish while helping in a local community organization.


Three placement options are available:

“Kent County Reads” at Garnett Elementary School

WC students will be partnered with Latino children who are still learning English.  In particular, the WC students will help the children to improve their mastery of reading in English. Students can expect to assist several children of various ages and grades during an hour-long block (schedule available upon inquiry) with practice reading books and stories of different types.  Depending on ability and participation, there may be the opportunity to offer small classes aimed at helping Garnett teachers communicate more effectively with the parents who do not comfortably manage English. As noted, the program is housed at Garnett Elementary School (320 Calvert St, Chestertown, MD 21620, located within easy walking distance (~5mins) from campus.  Open to students studying Spanish at any level (101 and above).


Judy Center of Queen Anne’s County at Sudlersville Elementary School

WC students will have various opportunities available at the Judy Center, depending on their interests and language level:

-help with child play group on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.  Students will aid children with limited English capabilities in expressing themselves and communicating effectively while they develop critical social group skills and increase their exposure to English. Open to students studying Spanish at any level (101 and above).


-assist with bi-weekly ESOL classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Students will assist the classroom instructor to more effectively reach the parents and workers seeking to improve their English in order to more safely and easily help their children and navigate through their lives here in the U.S.  Spanish use will be critical in negotiating meaning and helping the learners to advance to the next level in their English acquisition.  Open to students studying Spanish at the Intermediate Level and beyond (201 and above).


-shadow a community service and outreach professional (scheduling to be arranged based on interest and availability) to observe how important services to non-English speaking or limited English speaking Latino community members and families are provided. Students will be exposed to translating, interpreting, home visits, etc., and on occasion may participate with supervisor permission. Students hoping to achieve an authentic linguistic and cultural exchange experience right here in our local community are encouraged to apply.  Open to students studying Spanish at the Intermediate Level and beyond (201 and above).

Family Center of Queen Anne’s County

WC students will be able to aid in a wide variety of services provided to Latino families Monday through Thursday from 8:15-2:15 (schedule to be determined upon interest) aimed at helping them to integrate and succeed in the community.  In particular, depending on language ability, students will, along with staff, sing Spanish songs for our 1, 2 and 3-year old children or otherwise spend time playing with children who do not yet know English, aid in translating health and parent education workshops either as a group or one on one, assist in translating program paperwork, attend parent nights to provide informal translation, and or help translate for the occasional connection to a community resource – usually by phone.  Open to students studying Spanish at any level (101 and above).


Please note that a means of personal transportation is required for both the Judy Center (300 S. Church Street, Sudlersville, MD 21668 )and Family Center (103 N. Linden Street, Sudlersville, MD 21668 ) as both are located in Sudlersville, about 15 miles outside of Chestertown.


 Interested? Here’s how to apply!

Students interested in volunteering and receiving Externship credit during for the coming semester must

  1. be willing to commit to at least one (1) hour a week on the same day at the same time and be diligent in attending the time committed to…in other words, it must be a regular part of your schedule just as class or a job would be.
  2. agree to fill out both short Mid-Term and End-of-Semester questionnaires to provide feedback for the program.
  3. submit a completed application, a letter of recommendation, a signed Learning Agreement and an Externship indemnification form to Professor Collin Ashmore ( in the Modern Languages Department.   (Please email Professor Ashmore for the necessary forms or go to the following link:
  4. must have a current minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for consideration.