Modern Languages

Study Abroad Advice

The Spring 2012 Alumni Career Panel participants made the following suggestions to prospective modern language graduates. 

  • Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to explore your own interests.

  • Figure out where you want to go – country, region, small town/big city, etc.

  • While abroad, stay away from your comfort zone. Meet as many people that don’t speak English as possible, go out to the café or bar alone - you’ll be much more likely to meet people.

  • Speak in the local language even with the other English-speaking exchange students on your program.

  • Meet people on campus who are here studying from the location that you plan to go to before you leave. Not only will this help you to learn more about where you are going, it is invaluable to arrive already knowing a local friend. Often this can grow into your family away from home.

  • Culture shock when coming home is often greater than what you experience when you arrive to a foreign country.