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Modern Languages

Student Opportunities

At Washington College, modern languages majors are encouraged to take their studies outside of the classroom. 

In addition to weekly coffee and conversation meetings, the department offers specialized language suites and ample study abroad opportunities for students looking for a greater level of immersion.

Washington College is also home to three language honorary societies: Delta Phi Alpha, Pi Delta Phi, and Sigma Delta Pi. 

  • Students watch as they are given a demonstration
  • Professor Karen Smith returned this weekend to attend, dancing with Professor Elena Deanda
  • Karen Smith and Professor Elena Deanda talk about the success of the lessons
  • Making crepes for language night
  • Tango students gather around one of the instructors for a lesson on stance and style
  • Children of Dr. Ryan Kelty laugh and smile as they do their own Tango
  • Nick Pace and Sam Bitz dance to the music
  • PDP induction
  • Instructors lead the class in the first basic steps
  • A couple from the Chestertown community watch an instructor before practicing themselves
  • This trio of play Tango music during interludes of the dancing