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World Languages and Cultures

Prizes and Awards

The Henry Salloch Prize

The prize was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Erika Salloch, Professor Emerita of German, and offered in memory of her husband Henry Salloch, a long-time friend of the Department. A cash award, as well as a certificate, is given each year to a student or students in recognition of academic achievement and personal commitment to the understanding of other cultures. 

Winners of the Henry Salloch Prize

2016 - Shana Brouder


2014- Nicolas Campisi

2013- Ryan Bankert

2012- Morgan Phillips

2011- Lauren Seeley

2010- Akin Walker

2009- Isaac Schendel

2008- Wes Schantz

2007- Stephanie Gardiner

2006- Kristin Porter and Alana Wase

2005- Ioana Secosan and Nico Armstrong

2004- Florin Ivan

2003- Rebekah Beckett Land and Ian May

2002- Mike Duck

2001- Michele Bantz

2000- Megan Kilby and Yessenia Santiago

1999- Sarah Keturah Litoff

1998- Abbie Marie Robbins

1997- Jennifer Lee Burkmar

1996- Patricia Anne Walton

1995- Lisa Marie Brown

1994- Stephany Lynn Slaughter and Joseph Merrill Koskuba

1993- Tina Louise McKuen and Monique LeChelle Ware

1992- Raphael R. Koster and Vanessa Ann Post

1991- Tamara-Diana Braunstein and Thomas Marc Pabon

1990- Jennifer Lynne Eisberg and Kristine Joy Winschel

1989- Colleen Marie O’Sullivan and Carl William Schaller III

1988- Sean Moore Ireton and Aina Ingrid Carlsson


The Departmental Service Award

Established in 2006, this award honors students for their outstanding service to the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

Winners of the Departmental Service Award

2018-Jessica Jones

2016-Lily Britt

2014-Cara Subasic

2013- Katherine Gildner

2009- Carmen Castillo

2008- Leah Ganse

2006- Sarah Fritz


The German Studies Alumni Award

The German Studies Alumni Award is given annuallly to the senior who, in the opinion of the faculty of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and a depth of understanding in the field of German Studies.

Winners of the German Studies Award

2016 - Shana Brouder and Kayla Kyle

2015 - Yeuk Hing Chan

2014 - Sarah Kuist

2012 - Melissa Erdman