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World Languages and Cultures

German Studies

  • German major Sarah Lebo stands in front of a section of the Berlin Wall. German major Sarah Lebo stands in front of a section of the Berlin Wall.


To major in German Studies, the student must take at least eight courses (32 credits) at the 200, 300 and 400 levels and complete the Senior Capstone Experience. The courses chosen for the major must include:

●  GRS 301 and GRS 302 (or an equivalent taken abroad)

●  GRS 304 or GRS 305

●  At least one course at the 400 level, which must be taken during the senior year on campus.

●  Only for those students beginning GRS at either the 100 or 200 level, 200 level courses may count toward the major.

Students are encouraged to continue to take courses in the language throughout the period up to graduation, even if they complete their required courses earlier. We encourage our majors to complete a semester of study abroad in Germany (or a summer program if previously approved by the German faculty), and further recommend a year-long course of study. In some cases, study abroad may be necessary in order to complete all the coursework. As part of their study abroad experience, students complete a study abroad portfolio (GRS 375) to be turned in to the faculty advisor. Through exchanges coordinated by the Global Education Office, we offer semester-/year-long programs in Mainz and Tübingen and we can advise you on summer programs. Please consult the faculty when planning your study abroad experience to ensure that the program you choose meets the needs of your major and that you have a well-balanced course of study while abroad, including classes that complement your course of study on campus. There are opportunities for language-related internships as well. If you are interested in those, please consult the German faculty.

German courses offered in English translation may also count toward the major if all written work is done in German. As they plan the course schedule each year, the departmental faculty welcome input from students about required or desired courses. If you have particular needs or interests, by all means feel free to communicate them to the faculty. All majors must complete a Senior Capstone Experience in the form of a thesis during their senior year.