Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Academic Requirements

The minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies would be six courses (24 credits) chosen from the list below. Special topics courses can be approved by the director.

Please note: Many courses which apply toward the minor may have additional prerequisites. Students are encouraged to discuss their program with their academic advisor and the MEMS Minor Director.

  • One course must be a 100-200 level course in the Medieval or Early Modern periods, which will serve as students’ gateway course into the minor. These courses also count for the College’s general education distribution.

  • No more than two courses at the 100/200 level total may count towards the minor.

  • Courses must be taken in at least three different departments.

  • At least one course must be in each time period, broadly construed (medieval versus early modern); some courses will contain content for each.

  • Short-term study abroad courses led by faculty affiliated with the Medieval and Early

    Modern Studies can potentially count towards the minor as well, subject to the approval of

    the faculty member leading it and the Director of the minor.

  • Applicable courses taken in study abroad programs approved by Washington College may be counted towards the minor at the discretion of the Director of the minor.

  • The MEMS minor places no restrictions on double-counting courses with a student’s major.