Math & Computer Science

Thesis Topics

Mathematics 2009

  • Actuarial Applications of Mathematics, Dorothy Charles
  • Ring Theory, Todd Green
  • Introduction to Graph Theory, Cody Griffith
  • Game Theory and Its Applications to the PJM Demand Side Response Program, Katie Poore
  • The Use of Generating Functions in Random Variable Calculations, Nicole Rousseau
  • The Mathematics of ENIGMA, Lauren Thomas
  • Mathematics in Literature, Alexis West
  • Archimedean Spirals: An Explanation and Exploration, Garth Wilson
  • The Mathematics Behind the Data Encryption Standard, Amy Windsor

Computer Science 2009

  • The Guitar Guru, Nathan Beigel

Double Majors 2009

Mathematics and Computer Science:

  • Image Compression Through Wavelets, Sam Evans

Mathematics 2008

  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Allison Daciek
  • Pi: A Study in Euclidean Geometry and Hyperbolic Geometry, Michael Frahm
  • Solving Differential Equations: The Eigenvalue Method, Traci Kraft
  • Maxima and Minima Problems: Using Calculus and Alternate Methods, Mallory Kurtz

Computer Science 2008

  • Remote Battle Room Simulation Using AJAX, MySQL, CSS, and PHP, Lucas Gerber

Double Majors 2008

Mathematics and Computer Philosophy:

  • Understanding René Descartes, Tiffany Harrell

Mathematics 2007

  • Who is Fibonacci?, Claire Auerbach
  • Mappings by Complex Functions, Reid Cohn
  • What’s the Real Deal? An Analysis of TV Game Shows, Liz Golden
  • Trends in U.S. Elementary Mathematics Education throughout the 20th Century, Vanessa Nutt
  • A Practical Application of Modular Arithmetic for the Classroom: The World of Check Digit Schemes, Sarah Shrieves
  • Archimedes: A Man Centuries Ahead of his Time, Amy Zarick

Computer Science 2007

  • Break Even: Weight Management Device, Jeremy Alexander
  • Remotely-Accessible Airline Database Using MySQL and PHP, James Robert Ives

Double Majors 2007

Mathematics and Computer Science:

  • Prime Numbers and Primality Testing, Molly Gavin

Mathematics and Art:

  • The Mathematics and Art of Fractal Geometry, Carly Mitchell

Mathematics and Chemistry:

  • A Study on the Reaction Kinetics of the Chemical Oxidation of o-Phenylenediamine with Ammonium Persulfate, Edward Hohenstein

Mathematics and French Studies:

  • Tracing the Development, Debate, and Application of the Metric System, Kathryn Belmonte

Computer Science and Business Management:

  • E-Commerce for Small Businesses: An Online Photography Store, Nanlu Eric Shan