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Math & Computer Science

Thesis Topics

Academic Year 2018-2019

Double Majors

  • Soccer Predictions Using Machine Learning 
    Courtney Colbert, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Recurrent Neural Networks for Dance Action Recognition
    Caroline Cox, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • How the Invisible Hand Pushes a Market to Equilibrium: An Agent-Based Search Model 
    Henning Kjoeita, Computer Science and Economics
  • Tracking the Source of a Magnetic Field
    Adam Roth, Computer Science and Physics
  • The Hidden Mathematics of Music
    Alyssa Robison, Mathematics and Music
  • The Design and Implementation of Digital Signature Algorithms in Bitcoin’s Blockchain
    Jessica Dixon, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Elliptic Integrals and Functions
    Qiuda Lyu, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Using Probability Method to Analyze the Stock Price
    Sheng Mi, Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics Majors

  • Examination of the Hook Length Formula for Counting Standard Young Tableaux
    Spencer Russell
  • The Mathematics of Art in Sol LeWitt’s Incomplete Open Cubes
    Jack Nevins
  • Using Lie Symmeries to Solve Differential Equations
    Simon Checknoff
  • An Experimental Study of Time-Reversal Acoustics
    Molly Flowers
  • Optimal Control Theory: Dynamic Programming of Solar Panel Consumption
    Kevin McCormick
  • Construction and Characterization of a He-Ne Laser
    Justin Yerkie

Computer Science Majors

  • Algorithm for a Haiku Poem Generator
    Celina Palomique
  • Game: A Story in Java
    Erin Sauter
  • Database Management and Business UD Design
    Chen Zhu
  • Pixel Perfect
    Matthew Bernero
  • Music Plagiarism Checker
    Patrick Gallagher
  • Mikro Trainer
    Michael Gutkind
  • To:Day a Web Application for Scheduling Meeting Rooms On a College Campus
    Isiah Lloyd
  • Vocabulary Practice
    Xin Miao
  • Tracking the Source of a Magnetic Field
    Adam Roth