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Marketing 101: “Find out what people want, and give it to them.” — Prof. Terry Scout

Marketing is a creative problem-solving endeavor that rigorously identifies people’s needs and desires and develops products and services to meet them. 

Marketing includes market research and data analysis of consumer behavior and mindset; development of new products and services; cultivation of relationships with consumers and target markets; and creation and maintenance of brand identities as a durable source of trust and credible information in complex environments.

Drawing from Business Management, Art, and other disciplines, the Marketing Minor draws on liberal-arts skills such as research, analysis, creativity, communication, and the application of ethical principles to marketing work. The minor is open to students in all majors.

Required courses (16 credits)

These courses are offered every semester.

ECN 112 Microeconomics

BUS 111 Principles of Marketing*

BUS 223 Marketing Research

BUS 323 Consumer Behavior

*ECN 112 is a pre-requisite for BUS 111. Please plan accordingly.

Electives (8 credits)

At least 4 of the elective credits must be a BUS course. Offerings vary by semester.

BUS 224 Digital Marketing

BUS 351 Advertising

BUS 294/394 Special Topics in Marketing

ART 231 Creative Process

ART 251 Visual & Critical Thinking

ART 291 Intermedia_VNM

ART 330 Video Intensive

ART 335 New Media Intensive

ART 340 Photography Intensive

Other courses may apply with permission of the Director. Permission must be sought prior to any coursework being completed, as credit may not be awarded retroactively.

Marketing Minor Director

Prof. Ryan S. Eanes, Dept. of Business Management