International Studies

Zanzibar Internship

Partnership. Service. Impact. 

This year, through America’s Unofficial Ambassadors, students can apply for a unique internship in Zanzibar, a small island off the coast of Tanzania. 

Internship placements include schools and community-based organizations serving vital human development needs at the grassroots level ranging from education and women’s empowerment to economic development and environmental conservation.

Unofficial ambassadors serve full-time for six weeks, teaching, building youth leadership, protecting human rights, and supporting other community-led projects.

In the process, they form the type of people-to-people partnerships that are the future of international relations, and specifically America’s relationship with the Muslim World.

About America’s Unofficial Ambassadors:

The director of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors, or AUA for short, is Benjamin Orbach.

Unlike other international volunteer programs, America’s Unofficial Ambassadors is the only initiative that mobilizes volunteers to build better relations between Americans and the people of the Muslim World, specifically. 

The people-to-people partnerships that we create through volunteer service enable citizens to transcend hurtful stereotypes. 

Learn More:

Check out the America’s Unofficial Ambassador’s blog and their website or contact Benjamin Orbach at