International Studies

Near Eastern Studies

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tahir Shad, Associate Professor, Political Science and International Studies

WC abroad programs in Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Turkey (currently on hiatus)

Required language of study: French, or Arabic or Hebrew abroad.

In addition to the Common Requirements for all concentrations, students must complete two courses related to the Near East at Washington College.

Why a concentration in international studies?

Regional and functional concentrations are open to students of all majors and offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of a particular area. They combine course work at Washington College in anthropology, business, economics, history, political science, modern language with at least one semester (or summer) abroad in the region of focus. 

The regional concentration is designed to serve students who wish to develop a focus on a particular world region, for those who plan to enter business, government, or international agency service and for those who are preparing for graduate study of a particular region.

Recommended Courses Offered At Washington College:

  • FRS 312: The Contemporary Francophone World
  • HIS 357: Early Islamic Civilization
  • POL 356: Civil War and Violence in Africa
  • POL 388: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Special Topics courses dealing with the Near East also are frequently offered at Washington College, and may be counted toward the two-course requirement.