International Studies

European Studies

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nicole Grewling, Associate Professor of German

WC abroad programs in England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Spain

Required language of study: French, German, Spanish, or another European language abroad.

In addition to the Common Requirements for all concentrations, students must complete two courses related to Europe at Washington College.

Why a concentration in international studies?

Regional and functional concentrations are open to students of all majors and offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of a particular area. They combine course work at Washington College in anthropology, business, economics, history, political science, modern language with at least one semester (or summer) abroad in the region of focus. 

The regional concentration is designed to serve students who wish to develop a focus on a particular world region, for those who plan to enter business, government, or international agency service and for those who are preparing for graduate study of a particular region.

Recommended Courses Offered At Washington College:

  • ART 311. Italian Renaissance Art
  • ART 315. Northern Renaissance Art
  • ART 316. European Art from the Baroque to NeoClassicism
  • ART 318. Nineteenth Century European Art
  • ENG 323. Nineteenth Century English Novel
  • ENG 334. The Irish Short Story
  • ENG 430. Joyce, Eliot, and Beckett
  • FRS 311. Contemporary France
  • HIS 351. Ancient Rome
  • HIS 353. Medieval Europe
  • HIS 354. Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIS 355. Women in Medieval Europe
  • HIS 360. Twentieth-Century Germany
  • HIS 362. Europe Since 1945
  • HIS 391,392. Russia and the Soviet Union
  • ILC 305. European Cinema
  • ILC 306. French Literature in Translation
  • ILC 307. German Literature in Translation
  • ILC 308. Spanish and Latin American Literature in Translation
  • MUS 304. Opera
  • POL 344. Comparative Government: Western Europe

In addition, several courses that count toward the concentration are taught in the French, German, and Spanish languages. Special Topics courses dealing with Europe also are frequently offered at Washington College, and may be counted toward the two-course requirement.