Research Fellowships

Comegys Bight Fellowship

The Comegys Bight Fellowship awards a grant to a sophomore or junior for summer research in the area of American history, politics, art, literature or culture. The grant money can be used to fund travel, cover living expenses, or replace wages from summer jobs. Students work with faculty mentors and often, their research becomes the basis for their senior thesis.

Frederick Douglass Fellowship

Frederick Douglass Fellowships support work in areas related to African-American studies. The fellowship funds an annual grant of $1500 - a stipend for books, research trips, or in lieu of a part-time job - to a sophomore or junior to work on a research project related to African-American studies.

Guy Goodfellow Scholar in History

This fellowship provides $500-750 toward the costs of research and/or experiential learning opportunities such as defraying the costs of travel, purchase of research materials and photocopies, microfilm for a History major working on her/his senior thesis. The award funds can also be used to supplement the income for an otherwise unpaid internship at a historical national park, library, or museum.

The Guy Goodfellow Scholars Program complements the ongoing the Guy Goodfellow lecture series through which History Department of Washington College continues to bring nationally-renowned scholars in American history to campus. The Guy Goodfellow Scholars may pursue projects in the full range of historical studies, however, and are not limited to American History topics.