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Resources on Women in Public Affairs

Did you know…..

83% of the members of the US Congress are men?

Men are two-thirds more likely than women to think that they are qualified to run for public office?

The U.S. ranks 91st worldwide in its representation of women in national legislatures?

Fewer than 8 percent of participants and fewer than 3 percent of signatories in UN-sponsored peace processes have been women?

No woman has ever been appointed lead mediator of UN peace talks?

Women account for 70% of the population living in poverty?

A woman dies every 90 seconds in childbirth due to gender-based discrimination?

Want to learn more about women in public affairs? Check out the resources below.


Resources on Women in Public Affairs


American Association of University Women

Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University

Center for Women Policy Studies

Center on Women and Public Policy at University of Minnesota

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

International Center for Research on Women

Name It. Change It.

National Women’s Law Center

UN Women

Women and Politics Institute at American University

Women in Public Service Project