Goldstein Program in Public Affairs

Archive: 2004-2005


  • 09/27/04 - Thomas W. Walker, Professor of Political Science and International Studies, Ohio University. “Witness to Change: Electoral Observation in Latin America”
  • 10/13/04 - Seymour Hersh, investigative reporter and author. “American’s Foreign Policy in the Coming Election”
  • 10/18/04 - Theatrical/musical performance of “Tres Vidas/Three Lives” produced by Barbara Mujica
  • 11/04/04 - Philip Watts, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of French and Italian, University of Pittsburgh. “Paris, Hollywood and France’s Memories of World War II”
  • 11/05/04 - Peter Bergen, CNN terrorism expert, “Al Qaeda and the War on Terrorism,” an International Studies alumni fundraising event held at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, DC
  • 11/11/04 - David Shipler, Pulitzer Prize winning author. “The Working Poor: Invisible in America”
  • 01/27/05 - Carl Ray, stage actor, “A Killing in Choctaw” (a one-man play)
  • 03/17/05 - Augusta L. Bolles, Jamaican author, Seminar in Anthropology lecture
  • 03/28-04/01/05 - Eric Grove, Professor of Politics & International Studies and Director of the Centre for Security Studies, “European Perspectives on the War on Terror” and Richard Woodward, Lecturer in British Politics and Global Political Economy, Department of Politics & International Studies, Hull University, England
  • 04/03-09/05 - Ahmed El Kaladi, Maitre de Conferences, Universitié d’Artois, France, “French Politics in the Arab World: From De Gaulle to Chirac”