Goldstein Program in Public Affairs

Archive: 2003-2004


  • 10/23/03 - Scott Palmer, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Boston University, “Terror in the Name of Mao: True Believers and People’s War in Peru and Nepal”
  • 10/31/03 - Yehudit Keshet, Rawan Damen and Mai Nassar, “Three Women, Three Faiths, One Shared Vision”
  • 11/06/03 - Nadine Strossen, President of the Civil Liberties Union, “Protecting Civil Liberties and National Security After 9/11: How to Strike a Balance”
  • 11/12/03 - Davorin Kracun, Slovenian Ambassador to the United States, “The New Europe and the European Community: The Case of Slovenia”
  • 11/13/03 - Joyce Mpanga, former member of the Parliament of Uganda, “Social and Political Change for Women in Uganda: The Effect of HIV/AIDS”
  • 11/20-21/03 - Mildred and Robert Mortimer, “War and Peace in Africa as a Challenge to America: Political and Literary Perspectives”
  • 02/03/04 - Jeffrey Lamar Coleman, Brown vs. Board of Education, “Pride and Protest: Poetry of the American Civil Rights Movement”
  • 02/04/04 - Michael Lind, Senior Fellow with the New America Foundation, “Red States, Blue States: Regional and Cultural Divisions in American Politics”
  • 02/11/04 - Debra Newman Ham, Brown vs. Board of Education, “Expert Witnesses: The NAACP’s Brown Case Strategy”
  • 03/16/04 - Ngawang Sangdrol, “The Repression of the Tibetan Freedom Movement In China - A Former Political Prisoner Speaks Out”
  • 03/18/04 - Mona Cadena, Field Organizer for the AIUSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, “The Women of Juarez - Ten Years of Murder in Mexico”
  • 03/23/04 - Lenneal Henderson, Brown vs. Board of Education, “Brown at 50: New Challenges of the Hardening of the Categories”
  • 03/25/04 - Joseph Wilson, former Ambassador in Iraq, “The Politics of Truth: The Mess in Iraq and the Way Ahead”