Goldstein Program in Public Affairs

Archive: 2002-2003


  • 10/09/02 - Dr. David L. Craven, University of New Mexico, “Competing Interpretations of Abstract Expressionism in the Art World and the Civil Rights Movement”
  • 10/24/02 - Nubar Hovesian, Associate Director of the Middle East Center, University of Pennsylvania; Scott Lasensky, Foreign Policy analyst at the Council of Foreign Relations; Haim Malka, Research Analyst at the Brookings Institution; Janine Zacharia, Washington Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post; “One Land, Two Peoples: The Conflict in the Middle East”
  • 11/12/02 - Townsend Hoopes, Senior Fellow, “Middle East Dilemmas”
  • 11/19/02 - E.J. Dionne Jr., Political Analyst for The Washington Post, “The People Have Spoken: What did they say? An Analysis of the 2002 Elections”
  • 01/30/03 - Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector ton Iraq, “The Coming War with Iraq: How Did We Get Here?”
  • 02/06/03 - Eugene Brown, “Chess and Life: Parallel Lessons”
  • 03/24/03 - Alberto Piedra, The Catholic University, former Ambassador to Guatemala, “The Myth and Reality of the Cuban Revolution”
  • 04/01/03 - Kevin Phillips, political analyst, “Wealth and Democracy: Political Change in America”
  • 04/02/03 - Dr. Adrienne McCollum, president and CEO of Research Assessment Management, “Choices and Challenges of a Minority Business Woman”