Goldstein Program in Public Affairs

Archive: 1999-2000


  • Lecture, “Beyond the Development Impasse: Reflections on Local Economic Development and Job Creation in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” Dr. Etienne L. Nel, Senior Lecturer, Rhodes University
  • Lecture, “The CIA in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities,” Robert D. Vickers, Jr., National Intelligence Council
  • Symposium on the Millennium, “Reflecting on the Past and Anticipating the Future,” Sir. John Maddox, Dr. Vivian Klaff, and Dr. Allen Hammond
  • Lecture, “Democratic Consolidation in Southern Africa,” Dr. David Pottie, Electoral Institute of South Africa
  • Lecture, “Jordan’s Path to Peace: King Hussein’s Legacy,” Dr. Marwan Jamil Muasher, Jordanian Ambassador to the United States
  • Lecture, “Bias, Censorship, and Tabloidism in Today’s Media,” Jeff Cohen, Director, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
  • Lecture, “The Future of Diplomacy in the 21st Century,” the Honorable Anthony Quainton, former Ambassador and Director General of the Foreign Service
  • Lecture, “Struggling with Stereotypes: Anglo-French Relations in the ‘New’ Europe,” Professor Yannick Boutier, Artois University, France