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Geospatial Discoveries Summer Program

Questions? Contact:

Samantha Bulkilvish '09
GIS Educator

Download the Geospatial Discoveries Summer Program Flier Here

Navigating with GPS in the field


Taking water samples on the Chester River


Showing off a completed 3D model


Building and testing underwater ROVs


Learning about real-world applications of GIS


This year, Washington College is hosting its fifth annual one-week summer program from June 24th - 30th, 2012.

The Geospatial Discoveries Summer Program offers a unique summer experience for kids in grades 7-12. Program attendees will spend one week at Washington College exploring many areas of this growing field. In combination with GIS, participants will also explore the depths of the Chester River, and create a 3D replica of a building or some other feature in a virtual world. By the end of the week participants will walk away with an understanding of geospatial technologies and how they are used in everyday life.

Parent Checklist

Per the Maryland Health Department we will be unable to accept your child for our summer program if we do not have the below information.

Please mail completed forms to:
Washington College GIS Summer Program
151 Dixon Drive, Suite 3
Chestertown, MD 21620

To make the early bird deadline of May 4, 2012 we will accept the registration form and payment by itself, however we need the rest of the documents by June 1, 2012.

Summer Program Agenda

This year, there will be three possible program tracks for participants to choose from.

3D Visualization and Virtual World Development
Come explore the alternate realities of virtual worlds and 3D visualization in an exciting program track designed to introduce you to new technologies used to create realistic visualizations of our world. Attendees will learn how to use Google SketchUp, Autodesk 3ds Max, GeoWeb3D and the very advanced Unity 3D virtual world game development software. Our project will focus on recreating the town of Chestertown in 1920 or the Pluckemin Artillery Cantonment in 1778, establishing some game design and story plots, and exploring our alternate reality.

CSI�Crime Analysis and Geospatial Intelligence
More and more law enforcement agencies are using advanced geospatial technologies to solve crimes in America. In this program track you will learn how to use advanced geographic information systems to create predictive models to assist cops in preventing crimes. By analyzing spatial distributions of various factors, and creating risk terrain models, you will be able to predict where future crime will occur. Real world examples will be used and your analysis will be shown to law enforcement so they can catch the bad guys with your help.

Marine Exploration and Discovery
You will compete to build and launch a buoy that holds the most payload and then construct and deploy a Basic Observation Buoy that measures water quality in the Chester River. You will form teams to design, build, launch and operate a working underwater robot. Finally, you will embark aboard Washington College's research vessel Callinectes, deploying a suite of seafloor mapping instruments that will allow you to map the Chester River bottom. Perhaps, along the way, you will come across evidence of a long lost shipwreck.

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