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Open Source Anticipatory Intelligence Project Overview

In the summer of 2011, Washington College started on a pilot project with the National Geospatial �Intelligence Agency (NGA) to see how undergraduate students could do open source research that might benefit NGA�s peripheral vision by examining countries that are on the periphery of the attention of national intelligence concerns. Key stressor issues such as water resources, energy resources, and changing demographic issues can sometimes be indicators of future crisis in countries around the world. The project teams selected Peru as the focus of this pilot study and the documents below are the result of their research.

A short document providing further background on the project can be found here.

Team Selection Process

Nine students were selected from a pool of Washington College student applicants. These nine students were put into teams of three each addressing a unique issue in Peru. The recruitment document can be found here.

Project Guidelines

The faculty at Washington College prepared a project guideline for the student teams. This included some materials provided by NGA as to what the students should be looking at. These NGA guidelines were edited to fit the three projects and can be found here.

Dr. Driver�s original guidelines can be found here.

Project Results

Each team created a ten minute video presentation on their subject and then the three teams collaborated in preparing a comprehensive written report.

The video presentations can be found here.

The written report can found here.


We welcome comments about our project from all sources. Please send any comments to Stewart Bruce at sbruce2@washcoll.edu.

Other Resources

During the project the team reviewed many open source resources. Some of these resources are available here sorted by topic.

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