Environmental Science and Studies

Earth and Planetary Science

 The study of earth and planetary science introduces the origin and evolution of the Earth and other planets in the solar system. The curriculum focuses on the interaction between large Earth systems, such as the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. A wide range of topics are discussed, from  weather and climate to the Earth’s internal composition and dynamics.

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This minor can be combined with any major at Washington College. It comprises six courses, to be chosen as follows:

  • ENV 140. Exploring the Solid Earth (with lab)
  • ENV 141. Atmosphere, Ocean and Environment (with lab)
  • ENV/PHY 240. Earth and Planetary Systems Studies (with lab)
  • MAT 201. Differential Calculus

And two courses from the following:

  • CHE 111. General Chemistry I
  • CHE 112. General Chemistry II
  • CSI 201. Introduction to Computer Programming
  • ANT 109. Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
  • PHY 111. General Physics I
  • PHY 112. General Physics II