Department of English

Marie Rutkoski

"Eu/Dysphemisms: From Pornography to Eroticism in the Eighteenth Century"
March 21, 4:30 p.m., Rose O'Neill Literary House

Elena Deanda-Camacho is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Washington College. She studies the inquisitorial censorship of discourses perceived as obscene in Spain and New Spain from the 16th to the 18th century. In particular, she focuses on the antagonistic and conniving relationship between obscenity and censorship. Besides literature, she has studied philosophy, religion, and medieval studies in Mexico and France. At Washington College, she is enjoying teaching all levels of Spanish language, culture, and literature. Her literary periods are Spanish Golden Age, baroque, colonial literature, and the enlightenment.

This talk focuses on the eighteenth century Spanish poetry of de Morat�n and his son, Leandro, de Iriarte, and Vald�s and the unveiling of a progressive movement that transitions from pornography to eroticism, dysphemism to euphemism. The Lit House "Tea & Talk series features writers and scholars from Washington College and the Chestertown community sharing the research and topics that interest them personally.

sponsored by: The Rose O'Neill Literary House