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Thom Ward received his English degrees from the College of Wooster and the SUNY College at Brockport. As well as being involved with his own writing, Thom also edits and publishes other poets. He is currently the editor for BOA Editions, Ltd., a publishing house for American and translated poetry. Thom Ward is a widely published poet, appearing in newspapers, anthologies and journals outside of his own poetry collections. These collections include, Small Boat With Oars of Different Size (2000), Tumblekid, the winner of the 1998 Devil's Millhopper Poetry Contest (2000), Various Orbits (2004), Fog in a Suitcase (2004), and his most recent collection, The Matter of the Casket (2007). Thom also teaches creative writing workshops at elementary and high schools and at Roberts Wesleyan College. He currently lives in upstate New York with his family.

Praise for Thom Ward:

"I see Thom Ward's poems as very much a part of the prose poem tradition. And, yes, there is a tradition, from Max Jacob and the Surrealists on down to Russell Edson. Yet working within this tradition Ward has created a world of his own. To read his work is to visit a world where nearly everything has a life, and a voice, not just people and animals but pronouns and vodka. It is a world that, for all its darkness, strangeness and play, we recognize and share. These poems stick." --Louis Jenkins

A �Recipe for Poetry� from Thom Ward (recorded by Didi Menendez): One dash syllable, One dash silence, One dash clarity, One dash mystery, One dash - the ineffable..

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Here is just a taste of what can be found in The Matter of the Casket:

Family Skeleton

One bone at a time, Florence gave her dog the family skeleton.

It's pointless to keep it in the closet, she told her

septuagenarian friends over tea.

I think Wallace knows it's invaluable; that's why he takes

such care with each bone.

The women nodded in agreement, secretly wishing they had

thought of this clever, canine solution.

Yes, come to think of it, my pooch is gutsier than any cat,

said Helen.

Meanwhile, in the sunny part of the yard Florence's dog

continued to rearrange the family bones: MEDICATE THE


first messages he spread out in the grass..

Listen to some poems from Ward's reading

Food and Booze


Thom begins his reading with one of his favorite quotes.

Thom Ward signs a copy of his poetry collection for a student.

Thom reads poetry from his collection, "The Matter of the Casket"

Thom Ward poses with his friend, Professor Mooney, for a picture.