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Lisa Couturier, a Northeast native, is known for her interaction with urban wildlife. She has published various articles in many women�s and environmental magazines such as New Women, Wildlife Conservation, and E: The Environmental Magazine and many of her essays have appeared in American Nature Writing and City Wilds: Essays and Stories About Urban Nature. In 2005, Lisa celebrated the publication of her first book, The Hopes of Snakes: And Other Tales from the Urban Landscape .

Praise for Lisa Couturier

�Lisa Couturier’s essays shine with her candor, her perception, and her affection for the creatures of our world, especially with their difficult encounters on our endless roads and in our inhospitable towns and cities. Whether the subject is a snake or a falcon or a crow named Edgar, these essays will both enlighten and give much reading pleasure.�
—Mary Oliver , Booklist

“Well traveled and well versed in science, first-timer Couturier is most passionate about the vital emotional connection one feels with the small wildlands of home.”
-Publishers Weekly

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