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Josh Furst entertains further questions after a successful reading and Q and A.

Excerpted from the Press Release:

Joshua Furst’s critically acclaimed book of stories, Short People, was described by the Miami Herald as “a near magical collection.” The Los Angeles Times called it “startling … a thoughtful if disturbing portrait of what it means to be a child. Or, more to the point, what it means to be human.” And the Times of London raved, “Any one of these stories is enough to break your heart… . Joshua Furst’s debut is both enjoyable and important.”

Furst also is the author of the novel The Sabotage Café and many cutting-edge plays. From 1993 through 1998, he was an active participant in the New York alternative theatre scene. Among other accomplishments in this field, he helped organize and run Nada Theatre’s 1995 Obie Award-winning Faust Festival and was one of the producers of the 1998 New York RAT conference, which brought experimental theatre artists from across the United States together for a week of performance and symposia.

Furst’s plays include “Whimper,” “Myn” and “The Ellipse and Other Shapes.” They have been produced by numerous theatres, both in the United States and abroad.

Furst read his short story “Mercy”, a selection that Laura Walter, in her review of the reading for The Elm described as both a treat and a fright for the audience.

Listen to the teenage kid from “Mercy” tell his brother why the events of a tragic night are all his fault, “doofus.”

February 5, 2008 at 4:30 p.m. in the Sophie Kerr Room

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Furst takes a second to mug for the camera.

Furst chats with Dr. Moncrief, Professor T. Cousineau, Professor D. Cousineau, and a student after the reading.

Adam Goodheart and Julie Converse ‘08 exchange insights after the reading.