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Our Grads

Wondering what you can do with a degree in English? The possibilities are endless!

Writing…Advertising…Public Relations…Teaching…Human Resources…Law…Management.

Students who choose to major in English do so not by default, but because they are passionate about writing and studying literature. When they graduate from Washington College with a degree in English, they are equipped to turn this passion into a skill set that employers most desire.

The time invested in close reading will make them highly proficient in comprehending a variety of documents. Writing thorough literary analyses will sharpen their organizational skills and attention to detail. Engaging in class discussions provides ample opportunity for public speaking. Students with the stamina and work ethic necessary for completing the Senior Capstone Experience become sought after employees who can complete tasks independently with little supervision.

Preparation for your future career can begin the moment you arrive on campus or declare your major. Either way, it need not be a daunting task. The English department encourages its majors to consult with their academic advisors and utilize the resources available in Career Services as they navigate paths to the professional opportunities that await them.

Our Grads