Critical Thesis Submission

Guidelines for Thesis Completion

Research should begin as soon as the proposal receives formal approval from the English department. Following notification of approval during the spring of the junior year, students should begin researching their topic by surveying the critical literature related to the chosen subject. Students are expected to work through the summer. In early fall of the senior year, chapters must be completed to meet deadlines established by each thesis adviser. In the final semester of a student’s undergraduate career, when the student is completing the thesis, he or she should register for ENG SCE for academic credit.

The thesis itself should be at least 50 pages. Theses are to be turned in electronically. The digitized theses will be made available to the college community via the library catalog.

Upon completion, the thesis adviser will evaluate the thesis to receive honors, pass or fail. If it appears that the thesis deserves honors or a failure, then all members of the department will read the thesis.

Guidelines for Thesis Formatting and Submission

Introductory Material should include:

  • A coversheet including the thesis title, name of student, name of thesis advisor and date.
  • A table of contents.
  • The Honor Code statement (any thesis found to violate the Honor Code will be reported to the Dean’s office. See the Important Note below).
  • If images are used, a list of illustrations.
  • An acknowledgements page (optional).


  • All items should be in a single Word document, in their proper order.
  • Insert page numbers (but no page number on the cover sheet).
  • Be sure to include a Works Cited List. Either MLA or Chicago Style is acceptable, but the thesis must be consistent.


  • Step 1: Be sure to proofread everything before final submission. Do not rely on spell-check alone.
  • Step 2: Submit a complete electronic copy (final version) to your thesis advisor and to Dr. Knight (aknight2@washcoll.edu) on or before the deadline (April 11, 2014, 4 pm). Send this by e-mail attachment. Your thesis will be mounted on a Blackboard page for English department faculty to access.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  You will submit ONLY an electronic copy.  You will not print and submit a hard copy.

Important Note: Plagiarism is a serious academic and professional offense. Any thesis submission found to contain plagiarized material will be considered in violation of the Honor Code and will be reported to the Dean’s office. The consequences for plagiarizing may include expulsion from Washington College. Washington College has contracted with Turnitin.com, a web-based plagiarism prevention service. Theses submitted for the Senior Capstone Experience may be submitted electronically to Turnitin.com.