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Teacher Certification Programs

Program Goals

The Education Department, recognizing that the world of schooling is a primary socializing agency for the American polity, has the aim of inviting all students to inquire into the nature of education and its relationship to their future lives as citizens, parents, or educators.   

The Department offers teacher certification programs in Elementary and Secondary Education.  Program requirements are in alignment with the Maryland Redesign of Teacher Education and standards of assessment are based on The Maryland Essential Dimensions of Teaching. The Department has established eleven Professional Development School (PDS) partnerships in three local counties; this facilitates implementation of state requirements that each teacher candidate complete 100 days of an extended internship in a PDS in two consecutive semesters, including the student teaching experience.

Entry Requirements for Certification Programs

  • cumulative GPA of 3.0 (and a GPA of 3.0 in the teaching field for secondary certification);
  • recommendation from a professor in the student’s major field of study (secondary only);
  • a Maryland passing score on one of the following exams (see the ETS website for current MD-required scores):
    • SAT: composite score (math and reading)
    • ACT: composite score
    • GRE: composite score  or
    • Praxis Core: composite score
  • a passing score on Praxis II 5001: Social Studies & Science (elementary only), refer to this Praxis chart (class of 2020 and beyond) for additional information;
  • approval of the Education Department Chair following a formal interview with the Chair and departmental colleagues. The following are some of the personal and professional attributes that are considered for approval: maturity, oral and written communication skills, professional attitude, flexibility, initiative, collaboration, and overall potential to be successful in a teaching internship. (Please note: An interview for the Elementary Education Program will only be granted to students who meet ALL entry requirements.)

Applicants for the Teacher Certification Programs should realize that Education Department faculty may use any and all prior interactions, within the Department and in PDS field experiences, as input for program entry. 

Admission Procedures

Admission to the elementary and secondary program generally occurs during the fall semester of the junior year. (Where possible, the Department will make accommodations for “late deciders”).  Students should be aware that the Maryland State Department of Education requires a grade of “C” or better in all courses applied toward certification.  

  • (Secondary) Complete application form and have a professor in your major department complete the personal recommendation form by September 15 of your junior year.
  • (Elementary) Complete application form (link sent from the Department Chair) and submit as directed online by September 15th of your junior year.

It should be noted that Washington College Teacher Certification Program requirements may be modified as needed because of evolving state requirements for approved programs in teacher education.

Program Completion

Students will be recommended for Maryland Approved Program teacher certification when they successfully 1) earn an academic degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (and a GPA of 3.0 in their major for secondary certification); 2) complete the Washington College Teacher Certification Program; 3) complete national examinations according to Maryland standards, 4) complete an exit interview with the program Certification Administrator; and 5) earn a grade of “B-” or better in EDU 405. or EDU 413. and 414.