Tanzania Program

The Summer Teaching Experience in Tanzania addresses the critical need for improving the education of children in underdeveloped countries as well as the need for broadening the experience of America’s future teachers. With this program, the Washington College Education Department strives both to diversify its teacher preparation program through internationalization and to strengthen its pre-service teachers through experiential learning.

Washington College students, particularly those preparing to be certified as public school teachers, have the opportunity to teach for one month at St. Thomas School in Arusha, Tanzania. Under the guidance of the Education Department faculty, the student teaching team prepares a one-month curriculum during the spring semester and gathers all the resources they will need to teach the curriculum to their Tanzanian students. While living and teaching at St. Thomas, the students are supervised by the director of the school. Terrawatu, a non-governmental charitable organization based in Arusha, will facilitate cultural enrichment opportunities for the students.