About the Program


  • To help Washington College students develop a global perspective toward education and schooling through experiential learning
  • To enrich the cultural background and teaching experience of prospective teachers
  • To provide varied instruction to Tanzanian school children
  • To emphasize Washington College’s commitment to education in the liberal arts tradition


Tanzania is blessed with spectacular beauty, diverse indigenous cultures, and relatively stable governmental leadership. The busy city of Arusha, (population 300,000), in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, is the home of St. Thomas School, a private, non-denominational learning center for children from pre-school through 7th grade. Most of the 300 students are residential but there are day students as well. The language of instruction is English.

Learn more about traveling to Tanzania, its history, and its schools

Information on Tanzania

Participant Selection

Washington College students are selected to participate in this program according to the following priorities:

  • 1st. Juniors in the Washington College Teacher Certification Program
  • 2nd. Students who have completed the two foundation courses in education:
    EDU 301 Principles of Education, and EDU 302 Educational Psychology
  • 3rd. Declared International Studies majors

The Coordinator of the Teaching Experience in Tanzania, in consultation with the Education Department Chair and faculty, selects the participants.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Duration of teaching experience — Three weeks to one month, approx. mid-May to mid-June
  • Work Schedule — Monday through Friday during regular school hours
  • On-site supervision — by the directors of the St. Thomas School and/or Oloirien School
  • Pedagogical support — Washington College Education Department Faculty
  • Participants will give a public PowerPoint or Promethean Board presentation about their teaching experience when they return to campus in the fall.
  • Two Washington College academic credits will be earned - for EDU 215 International Field Experience (The College will assume the cost of study abroad fees.).


The cost of the Teaching Experience in Tanzania, contingent yearly upon the number of teaching participants and airline and exchange rates, is announced at the end of the fall semester for the subsequent summer trip. Participants themselves will be responsible for the costs of obtaining a passport, visa, and recommended inoculations. They also will pay for any weekend excursions they may wish to arrange through Terrawatu during their month’s experience.

Washington College is committed to this effort and dedicates a portion of the time and efforts of the Coordinator of the Teaching Experience in Tanzania to supervising the program. Additionally, the Education Department donates to St. Thomas the instructional materials and equipment used by the college students in their teaching experience.