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For Our Students

Education Honor Society: Pi Lambda Theta

With a diversified membership welcoming those interested and involved in a multitude of teaching and learning endeavors (not just K-12 public schools), this honor society provides ongoing service, professional development, socials, and organizational leadership opportunities for its members.

Anna Melvin Hague ’05 Memorial Scholarship Award

Anna Hague, Class of 1905, was one of the first women to graduate from Washington College. Anna taught in the Kent County Public Schools and became a principal before World War II. She retired in 1955. The scholarship fund was established in 1992 by Anna’s son and daughter-in-law, Charles ’38 and Virginia Hague ’40, of Millington, Maryland.

This award is presented each year to “the junior student whose demonstrated qualities of scholarship, character, and dedication, in the judgment of the Washington College Department of Education, will make the most effective contribution to the field of public education.”

The past ten years of recipients:

  • 2017: Danielle Glenn ’18 & Maribeth Harrington ’18
  • 2016: Jenna Carpenter ’17 & Ashley Warfield ’17
  • 2015: Grace O’Connor ’16
  • 2014: Casey Clifford ’15 & Emily Illar ’15
  • 2013: Emily Hall ’14 & Rosemarie Mujica ’14
  • 2012: Sarah Douglass ’13 & Amanda Venable ’13
  • 2011: Jen Senkevich ’12 & Meghan O’Leary ’12
  • 2010: Angela Bushman ’11
  • 2009: Megan Wise ’10
  • 2008: Todd Green ’09
Departmental Honors and Awards for Seniors
  • The Rachel Scholz Leadership AwardAwarded to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the Education Department, has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of an outstanding teacher-leader.
    • Denise Meehl ’15
    • Daina Raiffe ’14
    • Jesse Speth ’13
    • Ann Eickelberg ’12
  • The Education Department AwardAwarded to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the department, has shown the promise of meaningful contributions to diversified pedagogy, cultural sensitivity, and global awareness with the fields of education and the liberal arts.
    • Keness Wall ’17
    • Grace O’Connor ’16
    • Emily Hall ’14
    • Amanda Venable ’13
    • Jesse Schaefer ’12
  • The Se├ín O Connor Teaching AwardAwarded to a graduating senior who, in the judgment of the Education Department, has consistently displayed outstanding performance in teaching and authentic student engagement.
    • Courtney Rainey ’18
    • Melanie Klein ’17
    • Ashlyn Dadds ’16
    • Cate McMenamin ’16
    • Christopher Rainer ’15
    • Kelsey Graham ’15
    • Melissa Gutkind ’14
    • Allison Parsons ’12
  • Departmental Honors at Graduation - Minimum requirements are Dean’s List cumulative GPA (3.5) and honors level work (a grade of A- or better) in the Senior Capstone Experience course. Students who earn Departmental Honors typically go above and beyond these minimum requirements. In awarding Departmental Honors, the faculty seriously consider a student’s involvement in the life of the Department during her/his time at Washington College.
Global Education Opportunities
Job Resources

Make sure that you are a member of the Education Department’s Canvas page where we post specific job openings. Contact Professor Bunten with questions.