Teacher Certification: Portfolio Development

Professional Portfolios

Each student completing a Maryland approved certification program through the Washington College Teacher Certification Program will prepare a portfolio using the Maryland Essential Dimensions of Teaching as an organizing element. Throughout formal studies and the clinical experiences in Professional Development Schools, each student will develop a working performance portfolio that will serve as a formative assessment instrument. From the artifacts developed and collected throughout the program and assembled in the portfolio, the student will present a showcase or presentation portfolio at the conclusion of the student teaching internship. This event will engage students in a portfolio review process designed to validate application for official certification by the Maryland State Department of Education and to prepare each teacher candidate to utilize a presentation portfolio in the interview process.

Portfolio Assessment

In 2001-2002, the Education Department, together with its PDS partners, adopted a portfolio assessment process for its teacher candidates. Students are trained in the portfolio process in sessions that are open to all education students at the beginning of each fall semester.

Formative assessment begins at the conclusion of the first semester of internship when the students meet individually with the school site coordinator and the college liaison to present their portfolios and explain what they learned during their field experience. At this checkpoint, the portfolios consist mostly of summaries of the students’ journals, samples of mini lessons they taught, and a preliminary philosophy of teaching.

During the second semester, students meet frequently with their Education Faculty and Special Methods Instructors to expand their portfolios and to organize them according to The Essential Dimensions of Teaching. They are helped by their supervising teachers in selecting samples of their best daily lesson plans and unit plans, as well as artifacts of any instructional activities they organized during their student teaching.

The culminating activity of the two-semester internship is the public presentation of portfolios. This is a summative performance assessment of the students’ teaching competencies. It is organized by the site coordinators and takes place at the assigned schools. All school faculty members and administrators are invited. The attached evaluation forms are used by either the teachers in the audience or the students’ supervising teachers as indicated. College faculty later use the third attached form to evaluate each portfolio according to EDoT standards.