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Together, faculty and students in the Department of Education engage in interdisciplinary inquiry of the processes and institutions by which societies enculturate, socialize, and educate their youth, an inquiry that is grounded in the liberal arts and enables students to become citizen leaders and life-long learners.

  • An Eastern painted turtle, with radio tracking attached to his carapace, on the move.

    The collaborative research of Hannah O’Malley ’12 and biology Associate Professor Aaron Krochmal makes the cover of Animal Conservation.

  • Lonnie Bunch speaks to a member of the community at Sumner Hall.

    In a gathering with community and College organizers of the Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street that is coming to Chestertown this spring, Lonnie Bunch praised participants for recognizing the power of work to bring people together and define our common past and present.


  • Eight Washington College students had the experience of a lifetime. As part of the Summer Seminar in Tanzania, led by professors Tahir Shad and Aaron Lampman, students learned about the people and culture of this African nation. Two members of the group, Marie Wrenn ’17 and Melanie Klein ’17, opted for the summer teaching experience in Arusha, while other members of the group explored the outcomes of international development. The trip culminated with a weeklong safari.
  • Professor Carol Wilson with student researchers Katie Reinl, Isabelle Ryan, and Haley Keppel.

    History professor Carol Wilson collaborated with three of her students in an independent research project that sheds new light on African-American abolitionists from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Teaching Interns Visit the International Spy Museum

African American Read-in 2018