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The Education Department aims a) to explore the social, psychological, philosophical, and historical foundations of education in our society, b) to stimulate inquiry concerning the nature of our educational institutions, and c) to provide the professional preparation for certification required by the State Department of Education in Maryland and the 45 states with which Maryland has reciprocal certification agreements. 

Within the Human Development major, our students examine human development in the context of theory and practice in education.   As part of our teacher certification programs in elementary and secondary education, we give you the tools and strategies you’ll need to succeed at the head of the classroom.


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April 22nd, 2015

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Our Stories

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    Instructing ninth- and tenth-graders in English and reading on the Pacific island of Kosrae, Jesse Speth ’13 is learning as much as he is teaching.

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    By replacing an overwhelmed storm drain with a newly created native habitat, WAC groundskeeper and biology student Chris Rainer just made the campus a little greener.

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    Combining a biology degree with a minor in secondary education studies landed Hannah O’Malley ’12 a job in a magical place.
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    Fascinated with education’s ability to bridge cultural divides, Emily Hall ’14 has won a Fulbright grant to live and teach in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha and the roof of the world. See also her hometown newspaper’s article about her here.