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Together, faculty and students in the Department of Education engage in interdisciplinary inquiry of the processes and institutions by which societies enculturate, socialize, and educate their youth, an inquiry that is grounded in the liberal arts and enables students to become citizen leaders and life-long learners.

  • Sara Clarke-Vivier and Lori Phillips, a doctoral student in archeology at Washington State University, finish a series of ...
    Assistant Professor of Education Sara Clarke-Vivier has helped develop a new museum and cultural center in Belize that focuses on Kriol culture and history, creating programs to help local teachers and students more easily access all the museum has to offer.
  • Jessica Asch, a creative arts and drama therapist, visits campus on Nov. 16.

    Jessica Asch, who uses creative arts and theater as a means to promote healing among groups that have endured trauma, will speak at the College on Nov. 16. 

  • Teaching in Zanzibar
  • Ali Zdrojewski ’19 on the streets of New York.

    Dance minors Ali Zdrojewski ’19 and Kaitlynn Ecker ’18 traveled to New York City this summer to study tap at Broadway Dance Center.


African American Read-in 2018

Teaching Interns Visit the International Spy Museum