Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience is meant to provide a synthesis of the concepts, theories, and practices that have been learned up to that point.

In economics, the senior obligation is a thesis. This is more than just a long paper; it is an original investigation of a question of the student’s choosing. But what it really is a chance for the student to do in-depth research on a particular topic that interests her or him. In many instances it can also provide a direction for post-college plans.

Previous senior theses have spanned a variety of topics. Some are done solely for the economics major while some are combined work for more than one major. 

Students are required to submit a general topic on which they would like to work in the spring of their junior year. Students are then encouraged to start work on their thesis over the summer when there may be more time to complete background reading, start to formalize a thesis statement or question, and begin genuine research work.

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