Eastern Shore Food Lab

May Day Celebration

The storied tradition of May Day at Washington College returns to its historic roots with a celebration of sustainable food at the campus garden.

Under the auspices of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, ESFL interns and students in the campus garden program invite the public to celebrate spring with historical foodways and future food resources — all local, seasonal, educational, and fun. 

May Day Menu

May 4, 2018 at 3pm at the Campus Garden

Herbal teas and floral essences, sweetened with campus honey
Almond milk and maple beer
Martha Washington’s mead
Wild crispbreads with herbal and nut cheeses
Sunchoke crisps and campus-foraged sauerkraut
Magnolia blossoms pickled in strawberry vinegar
Sourdough loaves paired with herb butter and sunchoke relish
Wild greens salad with maple vinaigrette dressing
Venison and asparagus pies infused with Galyntine sauce
Italian pudding
Rhubarb pie

2018 Program