Eastern Shore Food Lab

May Day Celebration

The storied tradition of May Day at Washington College returns to its historic roots with a celebration of sustainable food at the campus garden.

Under the auspices of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, ESFL interns and students in the campus garden program invite the public to celebrate spring with historical foodways and future food resources — all local, seasonal, educational, and fun. 

May Day Menu

May 3, 2019 from 12-2pm at the Campus Garden

Sumac-ade: a sweet drink from a local plant
Herbal Sun Teas
Sunchoke Chips
Pickled Pork “BBQ”: Local pork with an ESFL twist
ESFL Cole Slaw: Assorted fermented components
Buttermilk Sourdough Biscuits: A nutritious twist on the classic
Cultured Herbal Butter
Herbal Crisps with Kefir Cheese
Hush Puppies: Nixtamalized Cornmeal fried in animal fat
Ricotta Peach Ice Cream: ricotta cheese with grilled peaches
Strawberry Shortcake: served on our ESFL Biscuits

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