Eastern Shore Food Lab

Potato Primer

Believe it or not, potatoes are toxic!

Granted, the domesticated potatoes available today in our grocery stores have much lower levels of toxins than wild and ancient heirloom varieties, but they still have toxins.  Thankfully, we can learn how to safely consume potatoes by learning from traditional groups that have formed a close and healthy relationship with potatoes over thousands of year by relying upon technologies such as fermentation and geophagy (intentional consumption of earth).

At home, always peel potatoes before cooking (the peels contain the highest toxins), store in the dark to slow the buildup of toxic glycoalkaloids, never eat a potato when it has developed a green section or eyes, and whenever possible, lacto-ferment in a 2% salt brine.  

Beyond Toxins: Pesticides

Insecticides and pesticides are liberally applied to fields, then sprout inhibitors are sprayed on potatoes once they are harvested and in storage. Peel potatoes to remove pesticides, and seek organic potatoes.