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Food Tips

As part of our Nutritional/Environmental Education impact initiative, we’ll be posting quick tips for getting the most nutrition from food.

Food Essentials

Check back soon for information on massaging kale, resting garlic, cooking carrots, using spices, and layering pre- and probiotics to get the most nutrition from everyday meals!

Learn how to boost your immune system, pair foods for maximum nutrient bioavailability, time meals, and more!

Tip 1: Choosing Blueberries in the Supermarket

April marks the beginning of blueberry season in North America, and supermarkets will soon be fully stocked with cartons of fruit. Picking the freshest blueberries at the store can be a challenge, as they do not keep very well. Leaking, shriveled, or moldy fruit should be avoided. Once home, the crisper drawer of the refrigerator is the best place to store your berries to keep them fresh. If you are not confident in your berry picking abilities, buying frozen berries is a strong option, since they are almost as nutritious as raw berries. Something that may surprise you however, is that cooked blueberries are better for you than raw berries. The act of cooking makes the berries more bioavailable by changing the structure of the phytonutrients. What a perfect excuse to whip up some blueberry pie!

Tip 2: Avoiding Potatoes with Pesticides

Potatoes are a staple in many households due to their adaptability into various dishes. However, they remain one of the foods most impacted by pesticide use in this country. Insecticides and pesticides are liberally applied to fields, then sprout inhibitors are sprayed on potatoes once they are harvested and in storage. Peeling potatoes to remove pesticides residing on the skin also removes the most antioxidant rich part of the food, and some chemicals even penetrate deeper than the skin. The solution? Seek organic potatoes, and keep the skins on. 

Tip 3: Check Back!

We’re just launching this feature and have big plans to expand it starting in late Spring 2019!