Eastern Shore Food Lab

Bylaws and Officers

Since its founding in 2007, the campus garden has grown into one of the most active organizations on campus — home to ecological research, internships, and community events and celebrations. 


The name of this club shall be the Washington College Campus Garden, or simply the Campus Garden.


Students who work in the Campus Garden are cultivating an edible forest garden by following permaculture design principles. Permaculture enables us to regenerate the land to a functioning ecosystem that also meets human needs. We practice observing the patterns of nature, including how various forms of energy move through our world, so we can work with those forces rather than against them. We also collaborate with the Eastern Shore Food Lab to experiment with modes of food production to maximize nutrient density and address regional food insecurity. The outpost at the River and Field Campus falls under the jurisdiction of the Campus Garden as well, where we are creating a food forest to provide wildlife habitat, edible food sources, and educational opportunities.


Section 1.

The officer positions will include those of President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Other positions may arise such as ethnobotanist and composting manager depending on availability.

Section 2.

The president shall:

  • Work with the Campus Garden intern, if she or he is not the intern.
  • Lead weekly workdays to improve and expand the Campus Garden.
  • Organize and lead events open to all campus members.
  • Work closely with the club adviser to develop and implement projects.
  • Assist with the development of the club budget.
Section 3.

The vice president shall:

  • Assist the president with project and event design and implementation.
  • Lead workdays in absence of the president.
  • Assist with the development of the club budget.
Section 4.

The treasurer shall:

  • Attend workdays and assist with events as needed.
  • Assist with the development of the club budget.
  • Track club purchases and finances throughout each semester.
  • Meet with the Financial Controller as needed to make discretionary requests and discuss other budgetary matters.
Section 5.

The outpost manager shall:

  • Direct field activities at the River and Field Campus outpost in conjunction with the president.
  • Ensure that both sites are provisioned with appropriately maintained tools.
  • Maximize forest food production.
Section 6.

The ethnobotanist shall:

  • Study the functions of the plants living in the Campus Garden.
  • Update and expand the online database of Campus Garden Plants.
Section 7.

The compost manager shall:

  • Coordinate campus composting efforts and facilitate production at the garden.
  • Direct programming related to organic waste awareness and literacy in the Washington College community.
Section 8.

The apiculturist shall:

  • Help coordinate beekeeping at the RAFC outpost and the Campus Garden.
  • Maintain Bee Campus USA certification.
  • Work with the Center for Environment and Society on pollinator events.
Section 9.

The outreach director shall:

  • Connect garden programming with educational opportunities, including local schools and the Farmers’ Market.
  • Guide the development of community gardens.
Section 10.

Position appointments will be made each year. Students can volunteer for positions and a vote will be held as needed.


There shall be a workday in the Campus Garden at least once a week, with more offerings based on the availability of the officers. These may be held in the Campus Garden or the greenhouse, depending on weather conditions.