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Eastern Shore Food Lab

Campus Garden

With more than a dozen fruit trees, an apiary for beekeeping, an earthen oven, living roof, and pond, the campus garden is a flourishing sanctuary for wildlife and hands-on learning. 

The Eastern Shore Food Lab supports the activities of students in the Garden Club to manage an edible forest garden that follows permaculture principles, supporting ecological vitality while producing food for people. Students cultivate a relationship with the natural world.

The garden offers a tranquil, creative space for collaboration with groups such as the Department of Environmental Science and StudiesStudent Environmental Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, and the Center for Environment & Society.

Wild Foods Outpost

May Day Celebration

Making Campus Syrup

Vinegar, Beeswax, Sunchoke Pie

Kinpira Gobo with Sunchokes

German Club Collaborative Event

Baking in the Earth Oven

Healing Properties of Plants

Sweet Taste of WAC

Bay-Wise Certification

Casey Time Beautification

Apiary Inspection

Learning from Nature

Inspired by Permaculture