Eastern Shore Food Lab


We’re committed to offering programs to empower people with skills and perspectives relating to ancestral foodways and modern culinary arts. 

Beekeeping 101

Learn about honey bees with entomologist Michael Embrey in this beginning beekeeping course, offered each spring to students and community members.

Campus Garden

Develop expertise with wild plant foods, build structures from natural and salvaged materials, grow fruits and vegetables, manage an apiary, and create wildlife habitat following permaculture design principles. 

Chestertown First Fridays 

Tour the ESFL and sample delicious foods prepared by student interns and volunteers on the first Friday of each month. Learn more. The tradition begins December 7, 2018!

First Friday Foraging

Discover how to identify wild edible plants through seasons with a guided foraging walk across campus. 


Apply ecological landscape design to spaces on campus and dive deep into food transformation as we make nutrient-dense breads, cheese, meats, and vegetable ferments available for the community.

Medieval May Day Celebration

Trace the intersection of historic literature and ancestral foodways in a spring feast with strong interdisciplinary academic connections.