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Eastern Shore Food Lab

Nutritional/Environmental Education

Human ignorance regarding our place in the natural world prevents us from living life to the fullest.

The earth offers us beautifully nutrient dense, bio-available fare, and we have willfully chosen the path of highly processed, dead food. It is what we accept as standard, what we teach our children. There is a distinct divide between our knowledge and what we should deeply understand about food and our environment. What I wish to accomplish can be summed up by the adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” While education is not by any means a panacea, knowledge is the first, most crucial step in affecting true change. My mission is to open the eyes of our community to possibilities that lie just beyond our doorstep, and communicate facts and skills that will nudge us in the right direction. In the battle to restore our relationship with the earth, I believe knowledge is one of the most powerful tools we could possibly equip ourselves with.


Channel the resources of the Eastern Shore Food Lab into opportunities for community members to connect to their surroundings and reevaluate the role that food plays in their lives. Educate individuals of all ages in various food preparation techniques, buying healthy food on a budget, and implementing simple environmental practices into their daily lives. Redefine the relationships between people, food, and their environment.

Long-term Goals

  • Make nutrient-dense food the new normal
  • Foster strong relationships between locals and farmers
  • Improve quality of life for local and regional residents
  • Work with local schools to implement healthier lunch programs
  • Encourage children to adopt outdoor-oriented hobbies
  • Participate with Food Service Advisory Boards

First Steps

  • Implement an interactive skills booth at the Farmers’ Market to get the community excited
  • Host complimentary community workshops for all ages
  • Write informational articles for the local paper and ESFL newsletter
  • Gauge interest in “Food Education” course
  • Collaborate with local scout troops on community cleanups