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Eastern Shore Food Lab

Campus Inclusion and Creative Expression

Creating more spaces on campus that embody the mission of the ESFL and campus garden. 


Whether expanding the campus garden and hosting service days at the garden for clubs, or creating new spaces on campus that illustrate the permaculture design system, I would like the garden and ESFL to have an expressive presence on campus. I imagine other groups on campus getting involved in the garden and transforming the garden into a creative and collaborative space.

Long Term Goals

  • Create mini gardens or permaculture guilds on campus—specifically on the green
  • Capture graywater on campus
  • Complete an aesthetic and functional permaculture plan for the art house
  • Paint a mural on the cement compost bins in the garden
  • Paint a mural outside Toll Science Center
  • Grow a living wall on campus (vines, etc.)
  • Create a journal (fall and spring semester) with simple recipes, environmental art, and ESFL research (like the Collegian)

First Steps

  • Brainstorm campus-wide service and art projects
  • Research the connection between environmental education and the humanities
  • Research how the ESFL mission connects to different areas of study
  • Sketch art ideas (and plan to use environmentally safe materials)