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Eastern Shore Food Lab

Our Impact

Interns in the Eastern Shore Food Lab develop initiatives to support our mission and strategic plan, helping people to reconnect with what it means to be human.

Campus Garden Innovations

Reveal the simplicity of home and community gardening using the campus garden as a model to demonstrate the extent to which these practices can be taken.

Campus Inclusion and Creative Expression

Create spaces on campus that embody the mission of the ESFL and campus garden. 

Community Garden Initiative

Demonstrate how communities can provide economical, convenient options for nutritious food through the creation of a community garden and associated educational programs.

Eastern Shore Food Mandala

Promote a paradigm of seasonal food production and consumption encapsulated in a food mandala, an educational tool that can inspire a cultural shift toward nutrient dense and healthy food. 

Nutritional/Environmental Education

Open the eyes of our community to possibilities that lie just beyond our doorstep and communicate facts and skills to restore our relationship with the earth.

River and Field Campus Outpost

Establish a functioning homestead to create context for what it takes to support each human through hands-on learning, teaching, connection, and research.

School Garden Initiative

A small, student-tended garden will be planted in a public space or learning environment with interactive lessons presented on gardening, sustainability, and healthy eating.