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Recommended Media

The following books and films provide insight into basic composting practices and the relationship between soil health and human vitality.

Worms Eat My Garbage

How to establish home vermicomposting. Mary Appelhof (1982)

Dirt to Soil

A story of how one family looked to nature to restore the landscape with animals. Gabe Brown (2018).

The Rodale Book of Composting

Guide for gardeners and home practitioners. Edited by Grace Gershuny (2018)

Community-Scale Composting Systems

A reference for setting up composting programs and infrastructure for organizations. James McSweeney (2019) 

The Humanure Handbook

A deep dive into the biology of human waste and how to set up sanitary systems. Joseph Jenkins (2019)  

Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations

The story of human progress and decline in relation to soil health. David R. Montgomery (2012) 

Holistic Management

The book that launched an international revival in regenerative agriculture. Allan Savory (1999)