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Eastern Shore Food Lab

About the Lab

Our research, teaching, and production space in downtown Chestertown hosts student interns, classes, and community events addressing issues of food, diet, health, sustainability, and human and environmental relationships. 

Our Mission

Promoting nourishing food for humans.

Our Vision

The Eastern Shore Food Lab will optimize personal and community health by drawing upon the dietary past that built us as a species. We will research, reimagine, and share how to eat like humans again with strategies that meet and exceed both our biological and cultural needs. We will transition culture by strengthening the ties between environment, society, family, and ourselves through food as we address issues of sustainability, food access, and dietary and social health. We will provide a model that institutions within any region can emulate, achieving zero waste by conscientious design and a commitment to revitalize human and ecological communities with every action.

Our Values


Anchored in place-based learning, our processes accommodate diverse environments.

Ancestral Context

We present information to enable people to make eating decisions appropriate for themselves, without prescribing dietary advice.

Appropriate Technology

We use ancient processes to increase bioavailability of nutrients with modern culinary tools.


We celebrate terroir, demonstrating methods for participating with our local landscape to improve the health of the land and waterways, and the vitality of our bodies and minds.


We connect people with their food, health, environment, community, and themselves in unique and powerful ways with hands-on, immersive, teaching and learning opportunities.


We produce ethically sourced food with a focus on optimizing nutrient density within a meaningful, delicious, attractive, and sustainable context.


We document and preserve ancient, traditional, and regional food technologies used to transform raw ingredients into nutritious and meaningful food while meeting our modern sensory expectations of taste, texture, smell, presentation, and convenience.


From home kitchens to culinary teaching facilities, our techniques stay accessible and replicable in any region, to individuals of all ages.

Social Justice

We believe access to nutritious food is our birthright, and we seek to foster public health with foods and technologies that have a long tradition of human use.


We seek to shape culture through the creation of new stories based on seasonal patterns of gathering, cooking, and eating with community in the context of place.