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The Dance Program supports a dance team, which performs at men’s and women’s home basketball and lacrosse games to keep the crowds energized.

Sho’Troupe trains dancers, performers, and choreographers while supporting athletics at Washington College.  The goal of the program is to provide students with opportunities to choreograph and to perform high energy routines on a regular basis. Students develop confidence, projection, and self-expression through performance and interaction at practices. 


Auditions for Sho’Troupe are held in the fall semester and are judged by faculty members and/or former Sho’Troupe graduates. Captains are chosen by the members each year and are in charge of overall organization of the Troupe. However, all members are welcome to take turns choreographing pieces to perform. The style of dance includes jazz, pom, kick, and hip-hop. The Sho’ Troupe often spends evenings and weekends in the dance studio perfecting their dances.

Audition Criteria

For the audition, dancers are asked to perform advanced turns and leaps (determined by the judges). They must also perform a short choreographed piece so that the judges can determine the dancer’s talent, style, and ability to pick up and perfect choreography quickly.