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Communication and Media Studies

Film Studies

The Film Studies concentration poses questions to be answered by its students: how does cinema contribute to our understanding of the world? How can you impact the world of film? Critical film literacy skills and an understanding of film history, genre, and theory in a global context answers these questions and molds student into more informed and active citizens.

Three Foundation Courses

  • CMS 294 History of World Cinema I
  • CMS 394 History of World Cinema II
  • CMS 494 Film Theory

One Applied Course

  • ENG 201 The Art of Rhetoric
  • ART 231 Creative Process
  • THE 241 Introduction to Theatrical Design
  • ART 291 Intermedia_VNM
  • ART 330 Video Intensive

Three Genre/History/Process Courses

  • CMS 201 Contemporary Popular Film and Television
  • ART 251 Visual and Critical Thinking
  • HIS 318 Historical Film Genres
  • CHN/ILC 394 Chinese Cinema
  • HIS 344 Hollywood Films in the Depression and WWII
  • ILC 305 European Cinema
  • ILC 413 The Film in Spain and Latin America
  • GRS 316/217 German Cinema