Communication and Media Studies

CMS Classes: Fall 2019

Fall 2019 CMS Classes 


CMS FYS Horror Films and Society
This course considers the social, cultural, historical, and political context of the horror film and how horror films as cultural products reflect collective social memories, traumas, and fears. Looking at both U.S. and international horror films topics discussed include, but not not limited to: war, terrorism, social and political movements, the commodification of fear, and medical pandemics. In doing so we will consider horror film as an industrial art form, examining their production, distribution, and exhibition. Open to first year students only

CMS 101 Introduction to Media Studies
This course introduces core issues in communication and media studies, ranging from theories and models of communication, the relationship between media and society, and history/technology/trends in newspapers, radio, television, film, electronic and digital technologies, and advertising. Key problems and paradigms are explored through materials drawn from academic scholarship, popular press, and multimedia.

CMS 150 Public Speaking
Class presentations, job interviews, internships-pubic speaking is part of our everyday life. This course teaches students the main principles of public speaking; practice in composition, delivery, and criticism of informative, persuasive, and entertaining speeches. Particular attention is paid to speaking with media and public speaking in a digital world. Everyone needs to know how to do it and the sooner you learn the better!

CMS 194 Video Production I
An introduction to the fundamentals of equipment, lighting, sound, cinematography, and editing (Final Cut Pro and After Effects) for video production. Student will produce their own videographic work over the course of the semester. Practicum course 2 credits only

CMS 294 Persuasion: The User Experience
What makes a good app? How does Spotify communicate with you? What is a book cover trying to tell you? Why do you remember that one commercial? This course examines these questions and more by examining persuasion as a communicative strategy. Students will examine online, visual, oral, aural, and technological persuasive experiences.

CMS 301 Intermediate Communication and Media Theory
What do Buzzfeed quizzes and the U.S. Census have in common? They’re both surveys constructed through a specific methodological approach. Whether you are trying to help the Internet determine what Stranger Things character they are or counting the U.S. population, you need a method to build your project on. This course introduces students to the basic quantitative, qualitative, interpretive, rhetorical, and critical research methods used in communication and media studies. Students can expect a project-based class applicable to majors across the social sciences and humanities that uses popular culture, current events, and multimedia to become methodological experts. Prereq: CMS major and CMS 250 or explicit permission from instructor

CMS 494 Senior Seminar
The CMS Senior Seminar fosters rigorous reflection on students’ CMS training while exposing them to new and cutting-edge developments in the field. Broadly constructed across the CMS major concentrations, the course trains students in higher-order intellectual production in anticipation of and preparation for embarking on their Senior Capstone Experience. Prereq: must be a CMS major with Senior standing

Fall 2019 Courses by Major Concentration 


Arts & Production

Tier 1 Courses
ANT 104 Intro to World Music and Ethnomusicology 
ANT  354 Visual Anthropology 
ART  200 Intro History of Western Art
ENG 102 Intro to Creative Writing
MUS 106 Rock, Pop, and American Culture 
THE  101 Drama. Stage, and Society I [counts for legacy majors only]

Tier 2 Courses
ENG 205 Shakespeare 1[counts for legacy majors only]
ENG 394 Narrative Journalism
ENG 494 Book Histories & American Print Culture                  HIS   344 Hollywood Films in the Depression and WW II

Tier 3 Courses
ART  231 Creative Process
ART  245 Photography
ART  251 Visual and Critical Thinking
CSI 294 Intro to Game Design                                                    ENG  224 Intro to Journalism
MUS 394 Studio Recording Methods
THE  241 Introduction to Theatrical Design

Business & Organizational Communication

Tier 1
ANT  105 Intro to Anthropology [legacy majors only]
BUS  302 Organizational Behavior 
CMS 150 Public Speaking
SOC  101 Introduction to Sociology [legacy majors only]

Tier 2
BUS 111 Principles of Marketing 
BUS 294 International Marketing                                                                                                                 BUS 223 Marketing Research Methods                                                                                                      BUS  323 Consumer Behavior 

Tier 3
ANT  305 Ethnographic Method [legacy majors only]
ANT  354 Visual Anthropology [legacy majors only]
CMS 294 Persuasion: The User Experience 
ENG  224 Intro to Journalism [legacy majors only]
ENG 494 Journalism Practicum[legacy majors only]

Identity & Culture: LECACY MAJORS ONLY

Tier 1
ANT 105 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology

Tier 2 
AMS 209 Intro to American Lit and Culture I
AMS 400 Race,Gender, & History of American Studies
ANT  305 Ethnographic Method
ANT  354 Visual Anthropology
CMS 376 Cultures of the Old Cultures of the Young
ENG 213 Intro to African American Literature & Culture I                                                                                HIS   344 Hollywood Films in the Depression and WW II
SOC 306 Research Methods in Sociology

Identity & Culture

Tier 1
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology

Tier 2 
ANT 305 Ethnographic Methods
SOC 306 Research Methods in Sociology

Tier 3
AMS  209 Intro to American Lit and Culture I
AMS  400 Race,Gender, & History of American Studies
ANT   354 Visual Anthropology
CMS  376 Cultures of the Old Cultures of the Young
ENG   213 Intro to African American Literature & Culture I                                                                              HIS    344 Hollywood Films in the Depression and WW II

Film Studies

Tier 2
ART 231 Creative Process
THE 241 Introduction to Theatrical Design

Tier 3
ANT 354 Visual Anthropology 
HIS 344 Hollywood Films in the Depression and WW II