Communication and Media Studies

CMS Classes: Fall 2018

Fall 2018 CMS Classes


CMS 101 Introduction to Media Studies
This course introduces core issues in communication and media studies, ranging from theories and models of communication, the relationship between media and society, and history/technology/trends in newspapers, radio, television, film, electronic and digital technologies, and advertising. Key problems and paradigms are explored through materials drawn from academic scholarship, popular press, and multimedia.

CMS 194 Public Speaking
Class presentations, job interviews, internships-pubic speaking is part of our everyday life. This course teaches students the main principles of public speaking; practice in composition, delivery, and criticism of informative, persuasive, and entertaining speeches. Particular attention is paid to speaking with media and public speaking in a digital world. Everyone needs to know how to do it and the sooner you learn the better!

CMS 294 World Cinema I
Understanding contemporary moving image culture and media-from Youtube, to Snapchat, to IMAX-requires a working understanding visual analysis. The history of cinema provides the best way to comprehend and contextualize the moving image in popular culture. This course is a history of world cinema to from film dawn to post WWII cinema (roughly 1895-1960) which present the films of this era in a way that understands them as integral works within an historical visual landscape. This course emphasizes understanding filmmaking form (how to watch a movie), aesthetics, and filmmaking techniques, and analyzing content/narrative. Required for film screenings.

CMS 394 Research Methods in Communication and Media Studies
What do Buzzfeed quizzes and the U.S. Census have in common? They’re both surveys constructed through specific methodological approaches. Whether you are trying to help the Internet determine what Stranger Things character they are or counting the U.S. population, you need a method to build your project on. This course introduces students to the basic quantitative, qualitative, interpretive, rhetorical, and critical research methods used in communication and media studies. Students can expect a project-based class applicable to majors across the social sciences and humanities that uses popular culture, current events, and multimedia to become methodological experts. 

CMS 494 Film Theory
This course engages with, uses, and challenges various theoretical ideas and approaches to film. Throughout the semester, we will address questions such as: What is cinema, and what are film studies? How do we relate to and interact with films? What are the relationships among film and the larger global society? We will discuss the historical and cultural context in which particular theories emerged and learn the language of idea-inflected film criticism. Additionally, we will look at how film studies has used influenced and theoretical lines of thought such as Marxism, semiotics, formalism, psychoanalysis, poststructuralism, feminism, critical race theory, sexuality studies, queer theory, and critiques of neocolonialism. Class includes screening time. Prerequisite: Some film class(es); sophomore and higher only

Fall 2018 Recommended Courses (non-CMS) by Major Concentration 


Arts + Production Concentration
ART 231 Creative Process
ART 245 Photography
ART 251 Visual and Critical Thinking
THE 294 Arts Administration
ENG 294 Intro to Journalism
HIS 344 Hollywood Films in Depression & WWII
MUS 394 Studio Recording Technology                                      CMS 494 Film Theory

Business and Organizational Communication
BUS 111 Principles of Marketing
CMS 194 Public Speaking
BUS 223 Marketing Research
BUS 224 Digital Marketing
BUS 302 Organizational Behavior
BUS 323 Consumer Behavior

Identity and Culture Concentration
ENG 394 Race,Gender, & History of American Studies 
ENG 209 Intro to American Lit I 

Film Studies Concentration 
ART 251 Visual and Critical Thinking                                            HIS 344 Hollywood Films in Depression & WWII