Communication and Media Studies

Past CMS Speaker Series Events

Dr. Martina Baldwin, Assistant Professor of Cinema and Television Arts, University of California Fullerton
  • Student Seminar: “TV, Branding, and Social Media”            
  • Public Lecture: “Media Literacy in the 21st Century”
Dr. Myra Washington, Associate Professor of Communication and Journalism, University of New Mexico
  • Student Seminar: “Blasians, Branding, and Binary Paradigms”       
  • Public Lecture: “Permission to Speak: Multiracial Identities, Community, and the Public Sphere”
Dr. Arnau Roig-Mora, Assistant Professor of Internal Communications and English Language at Universitat Pompeu Fabra  (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Student Seminar: “Radical Politics in New Queer Cinema”
  • Public Lecture: “Transgender Representation in Global Cinema”
Dr. Mel Stanfill, Assistant Professor Texts, Technology, and Digital Media at the University of Central Florida
  • Student Seminar: “Introduction to Fan Studies: You Can Study Fan Fiction for a Living?”
  • Public Lecture: “Everything is Made Up and the Law Doesn’t Matter: The Strange Life of Intellectual Property”